Gas Hot Water

One of the most used and sometimes the most expensive appliances to run are hot water systems.

It can be difficult to choose between the range of Gas Hot Water Systems to find the right one for you and your family.

Bacal and Co Brisbane Plumbing Professionals install, repair and service Gas Hot Water Systems throughout Brisbane, and its surrounding suburbs.

Speak to one of our plumbers today and we will gladly help you to decide on the system that is best for you. Call us on 07 3821 4224.

So what type of gas hot water system do I need ?

We also offer advice on alternative fuel sources available in addition to gas hot water heaters, including both Electric and Solar Hot Water Systems.

Complete installation service for Gas Hot Water Heaters

Bacal and Co Brisbane Plumbing provides an exceptional Complete Installation Service for Gas Hot Water Heaters. This includes:

  • Installing new gas hot water heaters
  • Removing, repositioning and replacing old systems
  • Adjusting or repairing water supply lines and plumbing connections